Berger Triple Prep Oil Based is a multipurpose preparation paint for use on interior and exterior surfaces to undercoat, prime and seal a surface. Berger Triple Prep Oil Based is ideal for use over aged enamels, laminates, and over pre-painted surfaces where a water or an oil based paint has been previously used. Berger Triple Prep Oil Based blocks water based stains, and has superior tannin blocking properties to prepare surfaces for painting.
Multipurpose, Outstanding hiding properties, Interior and Exterior
Blocks water based stains, Use on laminate, aged enamel, and over oil or water previously painting surfaces
Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Living, Exterior, Carport, Fence
Ideal To Use Where Water Has Caused Stains On Ceiling Or Wall Areas, Prior To Painting With A Top Coat, Use On Laminate Surfaces Following Instructions On Pack, Interior And Exterior
1L, 2L, 4L, 500ML (Not all sizes are available in all bases)
6 hrs
16 hrs