Berger Jet Dry Heavy Duty creates a hardwearing, high gloss finish that resists hot tyre pick up. It is ideal for high traffic areas including driveways and garage floors, and commercial spaces such as caf├ęs and shop fit outs where a showroom finish is desired. For wet areas we recommend using Berger Jet Dry True Grip additive for a non-slip finish.
Hard wearing gloss finish, highly durable, delivers a solid colour finish, tough and hardwearing
Resists hot tyre pick up, protects and seals concrete surfaces
Carport, Steps, Paths, Paving, Patio, Interior Floors, Pool Surrounds, Driveway, Garage Floor
Berger Jet Dry Heavy Duty Is Our Hardest Wearing Paint For Driveways And Garage Floors, Use Over Oil Or Water Based Paints
4L, 10L (Not all sizes are available in all bases)
16 hours
Wait 7 days before driving on surface