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Berger Paint For A Mate program aims to help out people in our community by providing Berger paint to help give someone’s house a much needed coat of paint and general tidy up.

Berger Paint For A Mate has been transforming houses for since 2013. The program began with Berger Paint For A Mate focusing on working with Legacy widows to give them a helping hand. In 2017, we are extending the program out give anyone the opportunity to nominate someone that they think would benefit from a house painting project.

Who is eligible to apply for Berger Paint for a Mate Program?

Berger Paint For A Mate is designed for people to nominate their mate that is deserving of a helping hand. Everyone is eligible for consideration. Berger will endeavour to give select the most deserving projects to support.




How to nominate for Berger Paint For A Mate program

People can nominate their mates for Berger Paint for a Mate through filling in the submission form on our nominator's page.

Berger will then select the projects they are most able to support through Berger Paint for a Mate. This decision will be made through a combination of need and Berger’s opinion of the project being able to safely be completed by a community group.

How participants are selected

Berger would love to support all participants in Berger Paint For A Mate program. However for 2017, up to 20 projects across Australia are able to be selected for participation in the program. Projects are selected at the discretion of Berger on the basis of need in our community. Each submission will be individually assessed based on the needs of the individual nominated and the likelihood of a community group to safety complete the repainting.

Geographical restraints: Berger endeavours to be as fair as possible when selecting Berger Paint For A Mate projects, however reserves the right to choose projects in areas where Berger is better able to lend its support. People living in rural areas will be considered although Berger support will be limited in these areas.


View our Terms & Conditions for the program here.