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Berger Paint for a Mate Seaforth

Mrs Milham has been living in her single-storey fibro house since it was first built by her late husband, Bert and brother in law more than 70 years ago. Mr Milham served in Borneo and Balikpapan during WWII.

In recent years Mrs Milham, 98, has been unable to maintain the home on her own, and was moved to tears by the outpouring of community support during the three-day repaint.











Her granddaughter, Nicole Bushnell, said the whole family was thankful for the repaint. 

“The house looks amazing and Nan was very overwhelmed by all the fuss and attention which she is not usually accustomed to.” 

“The hard-working and entertaining team from Berger and Inspirations Paint also helped make this such a memorable and fun experience for everyone.”

Led by Berger’s Andrew Gray and Roger Abbott from Inspirations Paint in Cremorne, more than 30 community members helped to transform Mrs Milham’s home, with volunteers from Legacy Sydney keeping everyone fed and hydrated.


This is the first Paint for a Mate project in Sydney as part of the Berger Paint for a Mate project.